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1997 Olds came in with customer complaint that car would stall out when the power windows were put up or down. The car would not act up when it was cold it had to be run for approximately 30 minutes with an electrical load applied such as the headlights and rear defroster turned on to act up.

  Started to diagnose the problem by hooking up to the computer of course there were no trouble codes set. There very seldom are with this type of problem as the check engine light is used more to monitor the emissions of the vehicle. After spending a lot of time checking  for some of the more obvious things and such as battery terminals,  fuses and doing a visual inspection of wiring and could see nothing obvious.

 To repair we had to find out what was the cause of the car stalling  found that when car stalled it would kill the power seats, power windows,interior lights and fuel pump. The car still had spark and fuel injectors were trying to work (  injector pulse signal) but had no fuel going to the fuel injectors due to fuel pump not working when car was hot.

After tracing a bunch of wires and checking things we ended up finding a bad ground circuit by the drivers side door threshold that was corroded. Cleaned corrosion up and put some dielectric grease on connection and car was all fixed.

Below are a few pics of the corrosion.

A special thanks to My mentors John M.  and Jay D.  for all the advice that you give me.

Good old upstate NY and the nice winter weather we have helps this to happen.


Click on image to enlarge

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