Welcome to the home page for Ephratah Service Center. We are located in the Village of Ephratah, NY.

The Sevice Center is a small family run business that prides itself in customer satisfaction.

We are the only New York State Inspection Station in the village of Ephratah.

We sell Cooper tires! We use a new style rim clamp tire changer that is capable of mounting all styles of wheels and tires from light truck tires to those sports cars with the low profile tires. We also have a spin balancer to make sure that your new or used tires are balanced properly.

We are a full service Auto repair facility and  take pride in the fact that we are not parts changers. We diagnose and replace only the parts that are needed. We also have many other tools that are needed to work on today’s complex automobiles.

Listed below are some of the tools that we have to fix you car or light truck with: 

           An “up to date” Computer to diagnose the check engine light.

          A Smoke Machine used for diagnostic purpose when that check engine light comes on & you’ve been told it is just your gas cap. (very seldom is it the gas cap) 90% of the time it is a failed component ~ a rusted out filler neck or a broken hose. The only way to be 100% sure of what is wrong is to have it diagnosed. We see a lot of vehicles with new gas caps that have been installed unnecessarily  when the real problem is a failed filler neck. In 4 years of diagnostics for check engine lights with gas code p0440 (large leak E.V.A.P. code), we have only had to install 2 new gas caps due to them being bad.

        An Electrical Lab scope for finding those pesky electrical problems that no one can seem to fix.

A Brake Lathe.  If  you do some of you own brake work and need brake rotors or brake drums resurfaced, we  will turn your  brake drums or rotors  for you.

Please check this page often for updates. As time permits, I will start to compile a few more pages of case study with some examples of things we run into on today’s more complex modern automobiles.